Ms. Fix It

Skills Gap

About the Trade Skills Gap

Did you know that statistics indicate that there will be an extreme shortage of tradespeople in America in the next three to five years? Mike Rowe has short video clips on YouTube regarding the lack of skilled tradesmen and the skills gap that you might find interesting.



How It Will Affect You

Mike Rowe's videos got us thinking further about the significant shortage of tradespeople. As the need to have skilled work done increases, tradespeople will be in a supply-and-demand situation. They will be in positions that allow them to increase their rates, which in turn will cost homeowners, landlords, and commercial/residential building owners a lot of money.

Our Experience as Professionals

At our sister company, S Jacobs Plumbing, we have enough work to keep us busy six to seven days a week doing emergency plumbing as well as repair and service work. It has been like this for more than two years. We have customers contacting us about their plumbing problems seven days a week by text, email, and FaceTime. Some even send videos.

What We Are Doing About It

The impending shortage is what spawned the creation of Ms. Fix It. We started out teaching basic plumbing and woodworking to Girl Scouts. Then Sue, our master plumber, was asked to speak at Norwood High School on Career Day along with an electrician. We only had eight juniors sign up to learn about options in the skilled trades, and of those, only one was interested in plumbing.

With these things in mind, we are expanding Ms. Fix It. We have initially added Plumbing 101 Workshops help homeowners learn about how the plumbing in their homes functions and how to do some basic troubleshooting.