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Plumbing 101

Learn the Basics At Our Plumbing 101 Workshop

Our Plumbing 101 Workshop typically starts at 6 p.m., lasts 1.5 to 2 hours, and includes a Informational Packet, Light Refreshments and Door Prize.  We ask that you send in your Questions prior to Workshop so that we may answer specific plumbing issues, problems and situations.

The Workshop is $40 per person and must be pre-paid two weeks in advance.  Space size is limited - so that each Questions attendees may have will be Answered individually.

All Workshops are held at 29 Lakeview Road, Foxborough, MA.

What We Cover in Our Workshop

Plumbing 101 is designed to give you a basic plumbing education, which can save you money. We cover a broad range of topics — from why a properly working system is critical to how to prevent frozen pipes in the winter — and we wrap up every workshop with a question and answer session. We use a combination of descriptions, demonstrations, and visual aids to teach you the following:

• How a properly working plumbing system protects your family's health and safety.
• The safety precautions you must take before making home plumbing repairs.
• Five important local health regulations related to plumbing and how they protect health and safety.
• Where to locate all essential shut-off valves in your home.
• How to use the ten most important plumber's tools.
• The kinds of pipes that are used most often in a plumbing system.
• Why these pipes are used.
• How and why washers, retaining nuts, plungers, water meters, drainpipes, traps, solder, flux, and various fittings are used.
• How various fixtures are used and repaired.
• How to clean an aerator.
• How to determine if a toilet is leaking.
• How to secure a loose toilet.
• How to snake a tub, lavatory, kitchen, and toilet.
• How to prevent frozen pipes.

Plumbing Equipment

Visual Aids

The visual aids used in our workshops include cutaways of the following so that you can see how they are made and work:
• Water Meter
• Ta-10 Shower Valve
• Mixing Valve
• Flushometer
• Tub