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DIY Workshops You Can Count On

At Ms. Fix It LLC, we encourage you to learn to perform basic home plumbing repairs. As you do so, we hope to teach young men and women the value of a career in the trades. Our current Plumbing 101 Workshops provide a background of the plumbing trade and hands-on experience repairing various fixtures and parts to understand the process fully.

Skills You Will Learn:
Drain Source

Identifying Water & Drain Sources
Pipe Valve

Understanding Emergency Shutoff Procedures
Sink Repair

Basic Fixture Repair
Working Tools

Working Knowledge of Tools

Fixing Clogged Sink

Fixing Clogged Toilets & Sinks

Plumbing 101 Workshops are being held on the second Monday of every month.
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About Us

Foxborough, Massachusetts-based Ms. Fix It is LLC is all about empowerment. We lead Workshops with Girl Scouts, participate in career days at local high and technical schools, and teach basic plumbing skills. It is our hope to inspire more people to go into the skilled trades as our country prepares to face a shortage of tradespeople. We also want to give you the knowledge and confidence to take care of basic repairs around your home.

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